Fishermen’s Accounts Paid Up to Date as of Last Friday

The government has announced that it has cleared all outstanding payments owed to fishermen. According to President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the payments bring fishermen’s accounts up to date as of last Friday.

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The announcement comes after fishermen voiced concerns last month about not receiving payments since December. The government attributed the delay to an inherited backlog of MVR 250 million.

Fishermen have historically raised concerns about delays in receiving payments for their catch. Addressing these concerns, the current administration has pledged to pay fishermen within 48 hours of receiving fish.

As part of the government’s efforts to streamline the fisheries industry, MIFCO has been separated from the State Trading Organisation (STO) and is now a fully government-owned company.

Controversy arose on September 16, 2023, when the price of fish was increased by the previous government close to the elections, a move the current government views as politically motivated. The government maintains it cannot purchase fish from fishermen at inflated prices and has since reduced the price.

The government has now provided assurances that the purchase price of fish will not be lower than MVR 20.

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