Fishermen’s Payment Dispute Sees Partial Resolution

The Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources has announced that MVR 70 million of the outstanding payments owed to fishermen has been disbursed. Following this partial payment, the Kooddoo Fisheries Complex has resumed operations after a three-day hiatus due to protests on the island.

In a statement released Thursday night, the Ministry confirmed that the MVR 70 million was deposited by the day’s end and assured that the remaining MVR 30 million will be settled before Monday. The Ministry expressed appreciation for the fishermen’s decision to return to work and acknowledged the cooperation received upon a personal visit to Gaaf Alif Kooddoo by the Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources, Ahmed Shiyam.

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The Ministry highlighted the economic impact of halting fishing operations, emphasizing the losses incurred by fishermen, their families, and associated businesses. They reiterated their commitment to resolving fishermen’s concerns, developing the industry, increasing fishing incomes, and improving the overall prosperity of fishing families. The statement also outlined procedures to expedite the settlement of future payments to fishermen.

During the recent protest, fishermen demanded full payment before resuming work. Fisheries Minister Shiyam stated that following the settlement of the outstanding balance by March 5th, efforts will focus on ensuring payment to fishermen within one week of weighing their catch at MIFCO facilities. This aligns with an early pledge by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to facilitate reimbursement to fishermen within 48 hours, which was recently reaffirmed by the President.

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