Five New Resort Developments Greenlit for Kaafu Atoll

To broaden the tourism landscape, the Visitor Economy Council in Maldives has greenlit the development of five resorts in the Kaafu atoll. This decision, stemming from the council’s commitment to promoting diverse forms of tourism, was announced by President’s Office Policy Minister Abdulla Nazim during a press conference.

Established after the inaugural cabinet meeting of the new government, the Visitor Economy Council aims to enhance Maldives’ tourism offerings beyond conventional paradigms. Minister Nazim highlighted the council’s mission to foster various types of tourism, including health, transportation, and educational tourism.

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The council will collaborate closely with the government to position Maldives as a holistic tourism brand, showcasing its multifaceted attractions. President’s Office Policy Minister Abdulla Nazim emphasized the pivotal role of the private sector in this initiative, announcing forums organized by the Economic Ministry and the Tourism Ministry to acquaint private enterprises with the intricacies of the visitor economy.

Minister Nazim outlined the strategic plan, revealing that the Kaafu atoll will host five resorts tailored for specific types of tourism prioritized by the council. These specialized resorts are expected to be fully developed and operational by the close of 2026. The council has meticulously charted out the path to achieve these ambitious goals, aiming to create a vibrant and diversified tourism sector for Maldives.

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