Flying taxis the next step in transportation ?

Photo: Uber

Uber just announced its solution for growing traffic congestion; Flying taxis.

Uber will be using a mini-electric helicopters equipped with eVTOL technology, also known as electric vertical take-off and landing. These vehicles that run on rechargeable battery can go in a 150-200 mph speed in an altitude of 2,000 feet.

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Uber showed the potential designs for arrival and departure hub for the vehicle called “Skyports”. Passengers can choose the closest “skyport” to their destination.  And have a short work from the “skyport” to the destination.

The first test flights are to be conducted in 2020 with official UberAir trials to be conducted in 2023. Plans are to run 50 vehicles over the cities across 5 “Skyports”. To regulate the flying patterns, Uber will introduce Sky lanes. A virtual network visualize through AR, creating “roads in the sky”

Price is expected to be at $6 per mile at launch of the service. Uber aims to bring it down to $2 per mile

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