Focus on Creating Relationships Rather Than Networking

While trying to expand your business, so many believe that the right way to go is networking. Sharing business cards and shaking hands is taken as the right way to go when making an impact in the corporate world. However, what many have misunderstood is that while exchanging business cards do allow new business ventures to happen, it does not stay with anyone. However, when a relationship is formed, it is sure to stay with the person if you connected on a personal level.

When you connect with someone and resonate with them on a personal level, it allows you to work better as you understand each other really well. This helps you to work together and prevent misunderstandings while handling your business, in turn allowing your business to flourish and grow. You will be able to create a name for yourself in the industry and become a role model for the younger entrepreneurs.

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Sometimes business people get so engaged with business and lose themselves. They are nothing but corporate robots and these are the kind of people who are likely to be those who shake the hand of those they meet and collect business cards. Rather, when you share your personal stories, have some good laughter with them it proves to be a big asset to your business. They will find you more trustworthy and feel like you’re closer to them.

Although many believe that personal relationships should be kept separate with professional relationships, they fail to understand that we as humans tend to lean towards those who resonate with us. Hence, building personal relationships would truly help in making your business more successful.

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