Fomer Head of FIU’s Case Sent to PG Office

Photo: One Online

Former Head of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Mr. Ibrahim Athif Shakoor’s corruption case has been sent to Prosecutor General’s Office.

Mr. Athif was believed to have not reported to the authorities regarding the deposit of money to the account of a private company names SOF in the MMPRC money laundering scandal.

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Based on information given by Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), FIU had previously released a report confirming that they were aware of the money laundering yet the head of FIU had not informed the related authorities.

In addition, in a statement to ACC, Mr. Athif had confessed to informing then-Governor of MMA, Ms. Aishath Azeema and explained that she requested to keep the information concealed.

Upon confrontation however, Ms. Azeema denied the accusations and explained that she asked of him to properly look in to the case,

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