Food Safety Act Ratified in Maldives to Enhance Consumer Protection

Photo: Freepik

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu officially ratified the Food Safety Act (Act No. 6/2024) on Thursday. The Act, passed by the Parliament during its twenty-sixth sitting of the first session on May 13, aims to provide a comprehensive framework for regulating food safety nationwide.

The legislation addresses various food production, distribution, and consumption aspects, thereby mitigating potential health risks associated with contaminated or substandard food items.

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Central to the Food Safety Act is the establishment of clear procedures and standards that must be adhered to by all stakeholders in the food industry. These regulations encompass every stage of the food supply chain, from production and packaging to labelling, preservation, storage, trade, supply, and distribution. 

Additionally, the Act sets forth licensing requirements for establishments involved in food-related activities while outlining hygiene standards that individuals engaged in these operations must observe to uphold the safety of food items.

Following its ratification, the Food Safety Act has been published in the Government Gazette and is slated to take effect in three months.

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