Foreign Direct Investment in Maldives Declines by USD 607 Million Within a Year

According to a World Bank study on the global debt situation, foreign direct investment in the Maldives had decreased to 348 million in 2020. This is a decline of around USD 607 million compared to the USD 956 million in 2019.

The World Bank stated that the decline in foreign direct investment is attributed to the delays of numerous resort and hotel projects due to COVID-19. The tourism industry accounts for the vast majority of foreign investment in the Maldives.

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Additionally, he World Bank emphasized that overall foreign direct investment has decreased around the world, with the exception of a few nations, all recording low foreign investment.

South Asia was one of two regions in the world that had experienced an average rise in foreign investment. This is due to an increase in foreign investment in India, despite other nations in the region seeing a decrease.

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