Foreign Minister Joins World Leaders at World Economic Forum Special Meeting

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Moosa Zameer, participated in a high-level luncheon yesterday, held as part of the World Economic Forum Special Meeting on Global Collaboration, Growth, and Energy for Development.

The luncheon convened approximately 80 policymakers, business leaders, and experts across various sectors to deliberate on the pressing global security challenges confronting the world today. 

IGWEL sessions, known as the World Economic Forum’s highest-level gatherings, are distinguished by their exclusivity, with participation strictly by invitation only. 

Jointly organized by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the World Economic Forum, the event was held from 28 – 29 April and saw 1,000 global leaders participating from 92 countries.

The Special Meeting is structured around three thematic pillars:

A Compact for Inclusive Growth: Addressing trends in innovation and economic policy to counteract global inequality and enhance poverty reduction efforts.

Catalysing Action on Energy for Development: Scaling up clean energy while ensuring equitable growth and energy access, especially in developing economies.Revitalising Global Collaboration: Fostering dialogue to support international collaboration, amplify humanitarian efforts, and build a more resilient global economy.

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