Foreign Ministry Arranges Flights for Maldivian Students in Belarus

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has arranged flights for 26 Maldivians studying in Belarus, who struggled with departure after arriving at the airport on the 18th of July.

The students were reportedly struggling to arrange departure after arriving in Minsk Airport. According to the Foreign Ministry dialogue with the Maldivian Embassy in Germany, Qatar Airways, Belavia as well as the government of Belarus had assisted the flight arrangements for these students.

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The Embassy in Germany provides consular services to locals in Belarus.

Three students have departed last night to return to the Maldives via Minsk-Istanbul-Doha. The other six students departed via Minsk-Milan-Doha, according to the Foreign Ministry. Five students also have departed today via Minsk-Amsterdam-Doha while six will depart via Minsk-Istanbul-Doha tomorrow.

Foreign Ministry claimed that the international travelling was still not fully back to normal and changes to visa arrangements as well as flight routes were to be clarified by locals before traveling. The Ministry also advised to obtain travel insurance and register at the “Haalu Belun” portal.

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