Foreign Ministry Launches 1st Session of Information Series “Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth in Maldives”

The Economic Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Foreign Service Institute of Maldives, held the first Session of the Information Series titled “Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth in Maldives” yesterday.

The session held virtually aimed for High Commissioners and Ambassadors accredited to Maldives, as well as for resident missions in Maldives will act as a platform to understand the current economic situation and investment priorities of the Maldives, enabling further collaboration between Maldives and its bilateral partners.

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Opening remarks at the session was delivered by His Excellency Ahmed Khaleel, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. During his opening remarks, State Minister Khaleel highlighted on the priorities of the Government, and provided an update on the economic progress the Maldives has achieved since the pandemic. State Minister Khaleel also expressed his appreciation for the generous assistance and support from the bilateral and multilateral partners especially during the economic down turn due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Series is being held in collaboration with Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation and Housing Development Cooperation and will be held on 15 February 2022, and 22 February 2022 respectively.

The Information Series welcomed over 80 participants, including 37 Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to the Maldives and other UN representatives accredited to the Maldives at the session held yesterday.

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