FSM Celebrates 22 Years of Fueling the Nation

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) has celebrated 22 years of service today.

FSM, established in December 2000, is a subsidiary of State Trading Organization PLC (STO), formed with the main objective of streamlining fuel distribution in the country and offering easy and convenient access to fuel-related services and products throughout the country. The main purpose of FSM is to provide fuel-related services including sales, distribution, and maintenance of storage facilities across the country.

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Since its inception, the company has been continuously improving its services and efficiency by implementing the latest technologies, and best practices, and working vigorously to improve the capacity of the company, meeting the challenges and ever-growing expectations of its customers.

Last year, in conjunction with its 21st anniversary, FSM rebranded its logo and changed its official colour to orange. Along with the newly launched logo, the company’s slogan was also changed to “Fueling the Nation.”

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