FSM Limits Petrol Sale Due to a Supply Depletion

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) revealed that the sale of petrol has been limited temporarily after two other companies that import fuel to Maldives has depleted their supplies. 

Managing Director of FSM Mohamed Gasam stated that the other companies distributing petrol has run out of their supplies. “At the moment apart from STO, the other two parties distribute petrol ran out of their stock. Hence, all their customers are also purchasing fuel from FSM now,” said Gasam.

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According to Gasam, since FSM is now the only company providing fuel, they have limited the sale and have been selling on a limited basis for about three days now and will continue to until the other companies get their stock. “Those who ran out of stock are getting new stocks on the seventh. So we believe within the next four or five days, we will get a solution to this problem.” stated Gasam.

He also noted that only petrol was being sold in limited quantities and that there were no issues with the supply of diesel.

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