Fuel Supplies Maldives, Offering Convenient and Reliable Access to Fuel

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM), incorporated on 18th December 2000 is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Trading Organisation PLC (STO), formed with the main objective of streamlining fuel distribution in the country and to offer easy and convenient access to fuel throughout the country.

Since its inception, FSM has built a strong distribution infrastructure to cater to the needs of the country and has been able to establish a network for distribution of fuel, which has helped to create easy access to all. With the introduction of new technologies, FSM has revolutionised the way fuel is delivered and handled in the country and has set standards for the others in the industry to follow.

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Fuel Delivery to Resort

FSM believes the special requirements of the tourism industry in the Maldives like no other. That is why they have created a special desk to serve the needs of the tourism industry. The distribution infrastructure is designed to serve the exact needs of the industry. The delivery process will be clean and as discrete as you want it to be and FSM ensures that all measures will be taken to avoid spillage. More importantly, the company ensures the provision of service required in a timely manner.

Fuel Delivery to Inhabited Islands

The company ensures that they meet the demand of the customers in the islands, be it utility companies or island distributors. FSM plans their deliveries keeping in mind the special nature of the island the condition of the harbor and entrance and the facilities available on the island for unloading of fuel.

Industrial and Commercial Deliveries

The team recognises the special needs of industrial operators in Male’ and the atolls and are geared to provide special delivery services to meet the requirement of such operations wherever in the country they may be. While fuel to retail outlets, cold storage operators, coast guard and the power plants in Male’ are delivered by the on-land fleet of vehicles, deliveries to canning plants, and industrial islands in the atolls are ensured with the strong distribution infrastructure and fleet of marine vessels and barges, that can cater to varying geographical conditions and unloading requirements of customers.

Fuel Bunkering Service

The customers of the company’s international fuel bunkering sector include superyachts, cruise liners, cargo vessels, international ferries and visiting international navy ships and navy submarines. Further, FSM provides fuel bunkering services to the vessels in both tourism and finishing industries and in the transport sector. The bulk of this is handled by the company’s on-land fleet, which supply fuel to the vessels at the domestic harbour.

Gas Stations and Retail Services

FSM is proud to be the first company in the Maldives to introduce modern fuel dispensing systems. At present FSM has three gas stations in Male’ that provide a continuous supply of petrol, diesel and kerosene.

Consultancy in Fuel Related Services

FSM has gained a vast depth of knowledge in the storage, handling and delivery of fuel. With their expertise in the implementation of international best practices and the highest safety standards, no one is better positioned to plan, design, construct, and repair or simply offer advice on fuel-related matters.

Other Maritime Services

Maritime service is a new area that is being explored. With the expertise and knowledge acquired in operating and providing maritime services over the years, FSM is prepared to expand this service to both the commercial and leisure sectors.

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