Fuloaku Tales’ New Children’s Book is a Unique Spin on the Concept of Opposites

Fuloaku Tales, local creator of children’s storybooks, has unveiled their newest book called “Idhikolhu Dhaskuramaa”.

“Idhikolhu Dhaskuramaa” is a board book that teaches children the concept of “opposites”. The opposing concepts explored in the book presents a rich fact or a statement of humour and irony. Each page features a fun, colourful illustration and an easy-to-read explanatory sentence. The book is perfect for toddlers as a simple picture book and your older child as reading practice.

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Although the book is a bit different from Fuloaku Tales’ signature folklore genre, don’t fret. There are still plenty of traditional Maldivian references added in to keep the little ones interested.

The book retails for MVR 130. It is available from the online bookselling pages @Undhoali and @MyWonderbox, Faanthari Bookshop, Raadha Bookshop and Asrafee Bookshop.

For more information, visit Fuloaku Tales on Instagram.

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