Funding for Hospitals Withdrawn, Government Claims Fund Rules Violated

The Health Minister, Dr Abdulla Khaleel, has revealed that the Kuwait Fund withdrew funding for hospital construction projects on several islands. This includes a 30-bed hospital in Shaviyani Milandhoo, which is now facing delays.

Khaleel attributed the withdrawal to a violation of the Kuwait Fund’s rules, although the exact nature of the violation remains unclear. He maintained that the government is working to resume the projects, either via the Kuwait Fund or alternative financing sources. Funding for the suspended projects had been originally initiated during the previous administration.

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Opposition MPs challenged the Health Minister’s statement, asserting that if rules were violated, the Kuwait Fund would not have permitted the projects’ bidding processes. MP Ahmed Easa, in particular, urged the Minister to provide Parliament with verifiable information.

Further details regarding the specific rules breached and the timeline surrounding the Kuwait Fund’s withdrawal have not been disclosed.

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