Fuvahmulah City Council Adjusts Safari Harbour Fees

The Fuvahmulah City Council has revised the fee structure for safaris entering the city’s harbour. The previous fixed fee of USD 500 has been replaced with a system based on the length of a safari’s stay. This change, approved during the council’s 11th general meeting, is now in effect.

Revised Fee Structure:

  • USD 150: Safaris docked for less than six hours.
  • USD 300: Safaris docked between six and twelve hours.
  • USD 500: Safaris docked between twelve and twenty-four hours.
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Until 2022, a much lower fee of USD 50 was charged for safaris entering Fuvahmulah’s harbour. The substantial fee increase to USD 500 was implemented to address capacity issues and the need for safari crew members to access the city.

Records indicate that the Fuvahmulah City Council generated USD 18,500 in revenue from the harbour fees levied on safaris.

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