Get Ready for IQRA Book Fair, Maldives’ First Online Book Fair!

The first IQRA bookfair held by the Islamic University of Maldives was in 2018. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the bookfair is now set to be held virtually in December.

The bookfair will be held online from 1st to 6th December. Applications for registration are now open to all booksellers and bookshops.

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The goal of IQRA Bookfair is to foster learning and spread knowledge, by utilizing various books, magazines and audiovisual mediums at an affordable price on one singular platform. It aims to instill a love of reading into our society, and additionally provide the opportunity for donors to donate books if they so wish.

A number of activities will be held virtually at this fair. They include:
1. Book talks
2. Storytelling
3. Panel discussion about the importance of reading
4. Summary writing competition
5. Book review writing competition

One of the main benefits of conducting this bookfair virtually will be that residents living in islands across the Maldives will have easy access to participate, buy or view books.

For booksellers, the platform provides a unique platform for digital promotion, allowing businesses to connect to customers in various parts of the country. The deadline for bookseller registration is 20 November.

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