Get Your Customized Furniture from Gawin Private Limited

Gawin Private Limited specializes in supplying timber products with a wide range of wood, including Mixed Hardwood, Red Meranti, Untreated pinewood and different sizes of Malaysian and Black Film-faced Plywood. The company offers customized furniture, in any size and material you want.

Outdoor Spaces

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If you’d like a traditional wooden swing outside your home, Gawin can make it any size you want.


Design your kitchen however you want. Gawin offers a variety of products for your kitchen such as kitchen cabinets and shelves, helping you get the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.


Whether it’s a wardrobe of your own design or a plant rack or even a bed, the team ensures you are completely satisfied with your bedroom furniture.


Order an elegant office filing cabinet to keep your files and documents. You could even get a table of your desired size made from the material you want.

To order your customized furniture, contact 7917845.

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