ABC Construction

ABC Construction Company Private Limited is one of the fastest growing construction companies in Maldives. The company was formed with the aim to become the leading construction company in Maldives by providing quality service to its clients. Since its establishment in 2009, the company’s client base has grown steadily over the years. Headquartered in Male’, the capital of Maldives, the company employs over 80 employees to make sure its clients are provided with the best construction and related services the company offers. Each member in the management team of this company has at least 12 years of prior experience in their respective fields in the construction sector of Maldives.

Our corporate philosophy is that all our services are delivered in a way that the client is satisfied that the projects are completed in the most cost-effective manner. At the early stages of every project, a close relationship is first established with the client to understand the client needs to deliver the service better suited for the respective client. This may include discussion with the client to understand how the building structure the client intends to use during its lifetime