Addu International Airport

Gan International Airport (GIA), operated by Addu International Airport Pvt Ltd (AIA), opened its doors for large-scale international operations on 31 December 2016. With over 2,000 beds spread across the region, the airport is the easiest gateway to the resorts, strategically located in the southernmost tip of the sought-after holiday destination. The island of Gan’s rich history includes a stint as a staging post for the Royal Navy during the 1950s, after which it also became an important base for the Royal Air Force. The UK handed over the island to the Maldives Government in 1976. GIA’s evolution continues with plans by management company AIA to build a state-of-the-art, 300-bed resort.

The recent upgradation of the airport runway into code E with a length of 3500 meters and a width of 60 meters has allowed the airport to grow, both in traffic figures as well as service quality. Furthermore, Gan International Airport houses a seaplane base operated by the largest seaplane operator in the world, Trans Maldivian Airways. The seaplanes will connect Gan to the Southern Atolls offering a time and cost-efficient service for the passengers. Gan International Airport also offers secure and ample apron parking for Private Jets as well as the best priced and efficient fueling services.