Amãna Takaful

Pioneering Islamic Finance in 2003. Amana Takaful is the first Islamic Finance service provider in the archipelago for the people of Maldives. The meek beginning of Islamic Insurance is counting its 20th year of services as the only fully-fledged Takaful Operator in the nation. Apart from being a leading brand in the industry. ATM is also known for its service excellence. ATM believes that Takaful is more than just products and services, innovation have been pivotal in the transformation to cater for the digital savvy netizens. Nevertheless, the conventional channels of distribution like agents are still up and running, to serve the geographically dispersed population. In a nutshell, ATM’s efforts are harnessed towards sustainability, reliability and shaping the future.


ATM offer a wide range of motor, travel, home, personal accident, medical, and various other takaful plans suited for individuals and corporates. As a socially responsible company, ATM is devoted to promoting financial security and well-being of all its customers. The label of a “trusted insurer” is the very reason for ATM’s unrelenting growth. With a strong brand reputation and profound commitment to its customers, ATM is primed to make a positive impact in the lives of those it serves.