City Investments

City Investments was founded in 2005, driven by a passion for food and a shared vision among the founders to revolutionize the dining and socializing scene in Male’. Registering a company also provided the administrative support for City Bakery that was expanding at a fast pace since its establishment in 2002. In addition to City Bakery, City Investments operates a number of cafes and restaurants, bakery shops, and City Innovative Hygiene – a full-fledged hygiene and cleaning product range for housekeeping, kitchens, and laundries. City Investments also imports and distributes a number of well-known brands of products sourced from prestigious international suppliers, mainly in Europe and Asia.

With seven operational food outlets including the main bakery, City Investments is the sole importer and distributor of: Bakels bakery pre-mixes, Rosselmehl and Prima wheat flour, Victoria yeast, Monita margarine, Master Martini cooking chocolates and creams, PreGel ingredients for gelatos and beverages, Pavoni bakery utensils, Darbo preserves and honey, Fentimans botanically-brewed drinks, Compal juices, Dolomia Spring water, Trucillo coffee, Cafes Richard teas and coffee, Manna sauces, WILDALP natural spring water and Veen water. We also import and install Mastro kitchen equipment and Hagleitner hygiene equipment, with after sales services.

Bakery Outlets
City Garden
City Snacks
City Gelato
City Innovative Hygiene