Coastline Investments

Since the inception of the group’s flagship company Coastline Investments in 1994, the name Coastline has become synonymous with corporate strength, quality and integrity.

Today the group has diversified to four main lines of businesses, which includes import and distribution of fuel oils and petroleum products, development of resorts and airports, boat building and the development of residential properties. Coastline supports the development of tourism through its businesses in property and infrastructure development, and its comprehensive distribution network that supplies fuel to nearly half of the resorts in the country.

It is the largest importer and distributor of Fuel Related Products such as Marine Gasoil and Mo Gas to resorts in the Maldives servicing 65% of the resorts in the country through their company Asian Gasoil.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Coastline is engaged in logistics, Oil Importing, Storage and Distribution, Luxury Resort Development and Management, Luxury Condominium Development, Airport Ownership and Development.