Copier Plus

Copier Plus Pvt. Ltd is a total solution provider for copier/printing/ copying/facsimile/facsimile related services and products for businesses in Maldives. It is a Male` based business. Copier Plus Pvt. Ltd operated under the name of Copier Repair in 1996, under the sole ownership of Mr. Hassan Muneer. In 2004 January 27th Copier Plus Pvt. Ltd. was registered. Since 2004 we as a company have been providing solution for small- coporate businesses. Also Copier Plus Pvt. ltd. Is a sole distributor for BROTHER & TOSHIBA e-studio Products in Maldives. Printing/copying/facsimile/photo copying and facsimile is an unavoidable business expense for most businesses. With our combined experience, and this industry’s resilience, we feel that our continued growth will offer our clients a quality service.

Comprehensive user onsite training and fault identification will be provided free of charge to any number of users per machine. This will help in better utilisation of the machine and faster response time for our engineering dept. Warranty 6 months to 1 year provided, in side and off side service by out techincal team photocopy machine under warranty has been take care every month check up and change spare parts if any damage of failure.