Cosmopolitan Champa Brothers


A leading supplier of specially curated Food and Beverage products in the Maldives, established in 2002. The company was built with a strong foundation of values that prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. The mission, “Expert care for your global sourcing solution” is at the core of everything, and constantly strive to uphold the highest standards in all aspects of the growing business. The company ensures the safety and well-being of all customers. The warehouse adheres to strict health and safety procedures, and undergoes annual audits to maintain these high standards. With Cosmopolitan, you can expect care, excellence, and a commitment to making every experience unforgettable.


The diverse product range includes quality meat and poultry, seafood, eggs (brown, free range and cage-free), cheese and dairy, dry and canned goods, fresh fruits, fruit purees, and premium ice creams; as well as bonded items – Wine, Liquor and Pork products for valid license holders. The experienced and multicultural sales team is passionate about providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of the food and beverage industry. From upmarket hotels to mid-market restaurants, the company cater to a wide range of clients who expect nothing but the best.11:00