Ensis Fisheries

Ensis is the largest seafood exporter from the Maldives, currently holding over 50% export market share to the EU, with retail customers including large international supermarket chains. Founded in 2002, Ensis come from the artisanal fishery communities of the Maldives. Ensis helped place Maldives Tuna in the worldwide market as a premium product, by promoting our very unique and traditional one-by-one pole-andline fisheries, which is the most sustainable method of catching fish in the world. Today Ensis is the integrated fisheries industry leader in the Maldives. It is the majority company of Ensis Group, which is a multi-industry business conglomerate in the Maldives, with a diversified portfolio of multifaceted companies covering numerous sectors including Fisheries, Insurance, Construction, Tourism, Bakery, etc.

Our Tuna products include MSC certified frozen, fresh, and canned Skipjack Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna including a wide range of cuts from Sashimi-grade Saku Blocks to Tuna H&G, Tuna Steaks and Loins, Tuna Karma, Tuna Belly, Tuna Trims, etc. We also have an all-natural and organic plant fertilizer made from discarded fish waste in our fishmeal plant as part of our zero-waste policy. Our local products include Rihaakuru, Mas Mirus, and a whole variety of bread and various pastries.

Ensis Canning factory (Local Cannery)
Enzi (Local Bakery)