Focus Infocom

Raajjé Online internet service has re-defined the meaning of “Internet Experience” by delivering unlimited high-speed broadband internet access to homes, businesses, resorts and other population centers in the country for the very first time. Our revolutionary methods of service delivery and innovative packaging have set new market standards. Initially, fixed and wireless nomadic/mobile radio technology was used to deliver our internet services. Additional services included Broadband Internet Access using 2-Way Satellite Broadband technology, email & web hosting solutions, access to web-based online business applications, ftp services, and a whole host of other value-added services such as VPN, video conferencing, network security and many other contents-based applications.


As an ISP, our solutions include both wireless and fixed broadband connectivity solutions. Our solutions include: GigaFi: Fixed Broadband for your homes, Office Fiber: Fixed Broadband for your offices, Point to Point Connectivity (Leased Lines), GigaZone Hotspot: Wireless Connectivity. Value Added Services: WebHosting (GigaHost), Colocation, VOIP, eLMS, Website Builder.