Fuel Express Maldives

Fuel Express Maldives (FEM) is a local supplier for fuel, established to make a difference. Incorporated in 2011, FEM delivers beyond the average Fuel supplier, as we focus to serve our customers with the highest quality of fuel and provide it with the best of service. To attract more customers our greatest pride is that we have a zero tolerance policy on quality compromise. Since we value that our customers trust us in delivering reliable service and at the heart of this we never compromise on quality. Furthermore in addition to being guaranteed the highest quality fuel available, serving our customers is always our priority.

We supply the highest grade petroleum and diesel that is available, through our distribution network. In 2016, we expanded our portfolio with TOTAL Lubricants. We offer a wide range of marine lubricants that are technology-tested and approved by engine manufacturers. Customers are affirmed that we only provide fuel of genuine and guaranteed quality, never adulterated fuel. While the product is generic in nature, what makes us unique is our service and support in delivering fuel requirements.