GAGE is founded on 21st July 2010 by the former Commissioner of Police Mr. Abdulla Riyaz. We offer a Client Protective Service. Since established, GAGE has quickly become recognized as a specialist protection, training, and consultancy firm with a strong client-focused philosophy where client protection is our top priority. We are a dedicated team with considerable combined experience in our core business. A professional, dependable Client Protective Service is needed to help protect people, property and assets. Our security operations are adapted and modified to support proactively and reactively to your security and safety issues. Our service is becoming known as the No.1 choice of Client Protective Services in the Republic of Maldives. Currently we are providing our services to over 80 clients, including Resorts, Embassies, Banks and Industrial sites in the Maldives.

When staying in your resort, your guests should feel secure and protected. Having GAGE Service involved with security management of your operation will send the message to your staff and your guests that your resort cares about their safety and well-being. we provide total security and safety solution; – Resort Security service – Industrial Security Service – Security assessment – Protection Services – Private Investigation. – Access Control & CCTV – Cash in Transit Service – Fire Safety Total Solution