Gold Coin International

GCI Maldives Pvt Ltd (GCIM) started its logistic operations in the Maldives with a vision to become an industry leader in delivering reliable and high-quality services freight and cargo handling services to our customers. It has always been our passion to exceed our customer’s expectations and constantly improve ourselves to meet the needs of our customers. We have been working in the Maldives for 10 years; as a result, we have built relationships and partnerships with companies all around the country. To fully utilize the competitive advantages we have in the Maldivian Market in terms of customer network and experience, we made the decision to expand our business into the tourism sector and consumer goods trade.

Our services are sea freight services, air freight services, freight consolidation services, product (commodities) sourcing and channeling services, hotel booking services, wholesale and retail trade services. Our customers know that we do whatever it takes to ensure timely delivery. For the clients sending goods and services, we don’t just take orders, we take responsibility, and we give our customers the best value in the business.