Hai Investments

The business has three locations in Greater Male, two in Male one in Hulhumale, serving the fishing industry by both wholesaling and retailing fishing gear all across the nation. We are the pioneer in introducing well-known brands of fishing equipment from around the globe, including Daiwa, Penn, Pioneer, Zenaq, Abu Garcia. We ensure the accessibility of all tools required to every fisherman in the Maldives and delivery to their respective location as required. At present, Hai Investment has managed to extend its services to a new stage by providing reel and rod repair services. To better fulfil the needs of its customers, it is the company’s dream to come up with a specific service centre for this particular service that has been started from its retail outlets.


* All kinds of Fishing Equipment accessories (Trolling, Casting, Jigging, Longline Fishing, Pole & Line Fishing, etc.) * The Best and Well-know brands in Fishing Industries are available in our outlets. * After Sales and Repair Service of Reel and Rodes * We are proud to Introduce our local brand of “RANKARU” Fishing Equipment in Maldives * Marine Hardware and Boat Safety Equipment