Handy Holdings

Handy Holdings is a well-established group of companies, providing innovative solutions to various sectors in the Maldives: Retail, Rentals, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Logistics solutions, and Travel and Tourism. Mr. Hassan Haleem, Founder, and Chairman of Handy take great pride in sharing the brand story of Handy. “A journey through innovation” Since embarking on this journey, the contributions of the crew and passengers have been the invaluable secret and drive behind our success. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy an unprecedented level of success in the Maldives, and have managed to stay one step ahead of our competition. Join us as we continue to learn, grow, and sail into the future

Travel & Tourism, Rentals, Cold Storage, Logistics Solutions, Trade Service & Repair, Manufacturing, Real Estate, A 14-room safari vessel, a 45-seat floating restaurant boat, Building machinery and tools for rent, Storage service as cold storage facilities for rent, Landing Craft, Excavators, Dump trucks, etc for rent, Vehicle spare parts, Building and construction materials retail, Vehicle service, repair and spare parts, Bottling and distribution of premium drinking water, A 10 story residential building in the center of Male.

Handy Holdings Pvt Ltd
Handy Trading Pvt Ltd
Handy Industries Pvt Ltd,
Hassan Haleem (sole proprietorship)
Handy Cold Storage Facilities LLP