HC Line


HC Line is the only 100% local owned commercial shipping line in the Maldives today. We own and operate the only container vessel under the Maldives flag. HC Line has established itself in the international stage, securing support and agreements with the biggest shipping lines in the world such as MSC, PIL, APL, MSK to name a few. After the collapse of Maldives National Shipping Limited (which was government owned), HC Line has become the representative of the Maldives shipping industry to the outside world. HC Line is currently in the process of expanding it’s service sectors to the Indian Sub-Continent. As part of this goal, the company has joined a network of 15 other ships that run in the region.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Our main service is called the Colombo-Malé Express (CMX) Service, which is a shuttle service between Colombo & Malé within 10 days time. Our agent HEMAS is the booking agent abroad and will be the point of contact in Colombo to accept cargo. HC Line offers slots on the vessel to container owners while it also provides shipping containers to shippers that have the cargo but do not own shipping containers.

HC Line also provides our services for those who wish to load cargo into Maldives on a smaller scale. Our ‘Break Bulk Shipping’ service allows easy and economical options to private individuals who wish to ship personal effects or small to midsize items in and out of the country. HC Line also enables shippers to deliver their cargo into the country and to any port or island they require.