Horizon Fisheries

  • CEO/MANAGING DIRECTORMohamed Yagzan Gasim

Horizon Fisheries started its operation on 16th September 2003 at Maandhoo Fisheries Complex (MFC) located in Laamu atoll. MFC is world class canned tuna processing factory capable of processing 100MT of raw materials per day. Other projects in the site includes a 15MT chilled, super frozen tuna loins plant, 10MT traditional smoked tuna unit and 50MT fish meal plant. At MFC we have a cold storage capacity of 5000MT including our fleets and floating cold storage. We have been exporting highest quality Maldives tuna caught by pole and line as a premium product to Europe’s most reputed brands for over 12 years. We also do export in our own brand “Rahameeru” and supplies to local resorts, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops.

Canned Tuna; (Chunks in Oil – 185g, 100g, Chunks in Brine – 185g, 100g. Tuna in Habanero Chili, Chunks in Olive Oil, Tuna in Dried Chili, Tuna in Thyme, Tuna in Tomato, Tuna in Garlic, Tuna in Cracked Pepper); Tuna Pouch (Pouch in Oil, Pouch in Brine), Cooked Loins; Chilled and whole frozen loins; Smoked tuna; Fishmeal and other by products.