Housing Development Corporation

Twenty years ago, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) was founded to lead a national mega development plan of Hulhumalé – an Island emerging as Maldives’ first smart and sustainable city. A diverse range of developments form this masterplan – residential, commercial, tourism, industrial, institutional and recreational, making HDC the leading urban development company in the country. A merger occurrence with Greater Malé Industrial Zone Limited (GMIZL) further expanded the corporations mandate in the year 2020, revealing a renewed vision to inspire and share the knowledge of urban development across other regions of Maldives, and to develop the industrial islands of Gulhifalhu and Thilafushi to capture the maximum significant benefits to the Industrialists of the country.

Inspired from the most smart and livable cities in the world, developments of various scales are seen in Hulhumalé – from public infrastructure, office spaces, to residential housing projects. Major developments undertaken by the corporation such as Water Theme Park, Integrated Development, Yacht Marina, Cruise Terminal, and a high-speed Open Access Network are among the first of its kind in the country. Today, HDC’s services extend beyond the reclaimed islands, sharing its knowledge and expertise across the regions of Maldives..