JAAH Pvt Ltd has achieved multiple milestones in the last two and a half decades. While the first taste of success came through the revolution in the tiling market brought about by the introduction of Lanka Tiles in Maldives and with time becoming their official sole distributor in 1999, new heights were reached in terms of prosperity and success with the conquering of the sanitary ware segment through the marketing of internationally acclaimed brands. Today, JAAH has raised the standard of quality by creating a showroom embodying modernity, as well as striving to make strong footholds in property development and in the digital space. Truly, ingenuity is visible in the magnificently rising residential complex The Gardens – Exotic Elegance.

Being the flag bearer of the tiling and sanitaryware sector, it has been the mission of the company to maintain the highest standard in terms of the products and services provided. This is reflected in the numerous globally recognized brands we sell such as American Standard, TOTO, LankaTiles, Guocera, Hafele, and Laticrete. Even the recent acquisition of Jausa Construction Maldives Pvt Ltd showcases the company’s dedication for quality. Surely, our property development projects will reap the benefits of acquiring this construction giant.

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