Establishing a formal leasing industry in the Maldives was an initiative of the International Finance Corporation and the Maldives Monetary Authority. The primary objective in setting up the company was to diversify the Maldivian financial sector and to instill healthy competition amongst its players. Hence, MFLC came to its existence in 2001 and commenced operations in June 2002 and till today, MFLC is the only leasing company in Maldives. The company’s mission is to provide a dedicated customer service by offering innovative leasing solutions whilst maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Finance Leases is the primary product of MFLC providing movable assets such as a vessels, vehicles, machineries and equipment. Life Style Leases (Consumer Finance) are meant for professionals who are employed in the Civil Service, State Institutions and other private sector companies of repute. Under this product, the company offers consumer durables, motorcycles and construction materials under salary deduction schemes. Home loans are meant for developing or purchasing residential properties and for home improvement purposes.