Maldives Industrial Fisheries Co.

MIFCO is the leader of Maldives Fishermen with more than 3 decades of service to the Maldives fisheries as a state-run corporate enterprise for the processing and exportation of fisheries products. Throughout our successful history, we have shown our commitment to the development of the fisheries sector in the Maldives while maintaining the unique identity of the Maldives pole and line fishery. MIFCO manages the largest fish procuring operation in Maldives collecting pole & line, Skipjack tuna, and hand line caught Yellow Fin Tuna. MIFCO has its operations based in 4 factories located in 4 strategic geographic regions across the Maldives while procuring fish directly and leading logistical support to fisherman through an additional fleet of MIFCO’s own collector vessels.

MIFCO has EU accredited factories to process, canned, chilled, frozen and value-added products. Products are exported mainly to international and regional markets, and in various value-added packaging for the demands of local markets. The core ability to withstand competition comes through delivering quality assured tuna rather than quantity and by responsibly sourcing it, despite the hardship of the process. MIFCO stands steadfast in supporting our fisherman’s tremendous effort to bring a progressive economic growth to the Maldivian fishing industry.