Maziya Service

MAZIYA SERVICE PVT LTD came to life with the strong will and long term efforts made by late Mr. Zakariyya Hameed (The founder of this service and his son). Originally the service was started by him in 1970’s with a small group for painting and other finishing works in Male’ where there was little demand for the work as modern buildings were very few. He had a reputation for using the first jar of Emulsion paint imported and used in Male’ – and for having worked for all five major projects that was carried out in Maldives during 80’s. The present three directors of Maziya Services show us the way to improve the service and meet the challenges of new demands for modern days.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: During the 80’s and 90’s, the rapidly growing economy of Maldives and number of buildings started to build with the different architectural designs, requiring more sophisticated finishing works and quality material to use to fulfill their demands. Hence, we started importing necessary equipments and materials.

Products that we import are, Samhwa paint (South Korea), Terraco (Uae), Harris + Paint Brush (Uk), Propan Wood Dye (Indonesia), Suzuka Stone Paint (Malaysia), Cornice (Malaysia), Laminating Flooring (China), Wall Tiles (China And Indonesia), Wall Putty Sheetrock (Malasiya) ,Silk Plaster Interior Paint, (Russia). For major construction related brands like; Samhwa, Terraco, Propan, Harris Suzuka, Sheetrock, Silk Plaster, Laminating Floor we are the sole distributors in the Maldives.