Founded in 2017, Naadu Private Limited is one of the leading suppliers and distributor in the Maldives of medical equipment and consumables. Representing several global brands, Naadu has become a name synonymous with professionalism, quality, and reliability. Naadu was formed to deliver modern technologies and medical diagnostic equipment to the islands of the Maldives – bridging the Nation’s healthcare. Made up of a multi- national, highly skilled workforce, the Naadu team is committed to delivering excellence in healthcare to all our partners and clients. In the fast-growing medical industry in the Maldives, our knowledge is kept current, supplying some of the best brands in the world to hospitals and clinics across the nation.


Offering a wide range throughout the country, including Haematology – Via Japanese giant Nihon Konden and immunology services with the innovative Boditech Med, South Korea. Top-quality renal care is delivered through the global leader in kidney disease management with Baxter. Our portfolio also offers Blood Management, pre-analytic, laboratory medical devices, consumables, and instrumentation for clinical applications. Our highly qualified bio-medical engineers ensure comprehensive training for all laboratory staff, regular maintenance, and ongoing monitoring of quality control.