Nalahiya Trading

Nalahiya Trading Pvt Ltd is a construction material supplier based in the Maldives. Ever since its establishment in 1985 by founder Mr. Ibrahim Waheed, Nalahiya Trading has been dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and standard of service. Over the years, Nalahiya has grown into one of the largest building material suppliers in the country. With a workforce of over 500 employees, this company is one of the largest private companies in Maldives. The Founder’s deep-held philosophies, beliefs, and values have shaped the way the company does business and deals with its customers. Values such as hard work, focusing on customers, preserving a high quality of products and services have always been held in high regard.

Nalahiya offers a total solution for the construction industry with an extended product range from basic construction materials to finishing products and related services. Some core products and services are: concrete materials (aggregate, grey cement, white cement, sands, deform bars, etc), Malaysian Brand plywood, film faced plywood, SCG smartboards & smart woods, roofing & accessories, glass & aluminum, vehicle rental services, supply & logistic services, lathe workshop, and Nevada shipping.