Pan Ocean International

Pan Ocean International Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing enterprises in the Maldives, serving the Maldivian market since the year 1995. Established in the capital city Male’, Pan Ocean is a wholly Maldivian owned company and a subsidiary of Shinetree Holdings. Pan Ocean has been successfully dominating the furniture industry for over 15 years with the widest range of home furniture, office furniture and office chairs. The aim of the management at Pan Ocean has been to identify the gaps in the market which can be utilized to provide customers with the products and services that they desire. Accordingly, Pan Ocean is the pioneer in making high end furniture available to customers in the Maldives. In this effort, Pan Ocean opened the first and largest high end home furniture and office furniture showrooms in the Maldives. With over 20 years of experience, Pan Ocean is reputed for providing customers with reliable and fast service.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Pan Ocean has developed and leads the high end furniture market since the year 2000, under the brand Allora Pan Home. Due to the success of Allora Pan Home, Pan Ocean decided to further expand its product portfolio by starting Allora Office Furniture in 2005. In addition to high end furniture, a medium range furniture store was also added to the portfolio as Ozzaro Homecare. Pan Ocean also successfully operates Pan Metal, an outlet for Stainless Steel products.