Personal Computers

Personal Computers is the largest retailer and wholesaler of information technology hardware, software and enterprise solutions, in Maldives since 2008. Beginning with a retail outlet paving the way forward towards corporate and government organizations; whilst growing, brands and products steadily, to entertain a vast clientele. With a vision towards enhancing enterprise environments through modern technological advancements, Personal Computers have made it their mission to render your needed solutions in time with quality at the best rates, delivery and after-sales service. Today, Personal Computers stand stronger with 7 resellers scattered across different atolls, ensuring a better nation-wide service is provided.

Staying true to their slogan “For All Your IT Needs”, Personal Computers provide end to end solutions to all of their clients which includes their online store, repairing and upgrading of hardware, enterprise solutions, network infrastructures, Personal Maintenance Contracts (PMCs), and Personal Hardware as a Service (PHaaS). Personal Computers carry a wide-range of products under their banner and have inked partnerships with major IT brands in the world such as becoming the Sole Distributor for Lenovo and Authorized Distributor for Logitech. They are also partners of HP, Adobe, Microsoft, Vertiv, VmWare, Grandstream, APC, and Net Nanny to name some among many other partner brands.