Platinum Capital Holdings


Registered in the Maldives on the 25th of December 2005, PCH is a professionally managed investment finance and investment management company. PCH focuses on delivering consistently leading investment results for its shareholders and business partners. PCH does this by working as an integrated team using an investment paradigm, focused change, processes and actions that are both robust and repeatable.

PCH’s investments network, enhanced by its sustained presence and cemented platform in key industries, gives PCH an advantaged articulation of local and global investment issues. It has enhanced its partnership with reputed business representatives in key cities around the world. Our global platform provide us with the local insight to give our shareholders and our partners exceptional investment performance.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: PCH is currently a family owned business with a professional management team managing the assets of the family. What is important to PCH is that we deliver investment performance, our founders and partners strive for performance, our values are compassed to achieving performance in a completely aligned and fully integrated plan geared towards the achievement of objectives. Through extensive research, deliberate formulation and perceptive articulation of industry core concepts;, we are equipped with information that will enable us to enhance and harmonize conventional wisdom with innovative paradigms, which will allow us to be distinct from the others, completely in every imaginable room scenario and style for both interior and exterior of residential and commercial living environments.