Rainbow Enterprises

Rainbow Enterprises Pvt Ltd (Rainbow) registered in Republic of Maldives in 1990 had its origin in the building industry. The founding shareholders of Rainbow were the group who started the first registered architectural and engineering firm (Tekton Design Associates Pvt Ltd) in the Maldives. Tekton Design registered in 1988 is still professionally associated with Rainbow. The main objective of Rainbow was to enter various businesses related to the building industry and therefore initially started trading in building materials and furniture.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: The company’s focus is to source quality products and supply to the market at an affordable price. Rainbow owns various outlets in Male’ for selling its range of products and has a distribution network for selling to the outer islands of the country. Over the years Rainbow diversified into related specialized areas through associated and subsidiary companies. Therefore our goal is to become a market leader in delivering a wide range of quality building products including those related to living solution to all the segments of the market. Rainbow Enterprises in partnership with its associated companies (Rainbow Group) will work as a unified team to give high quality service to the customers to achieve the group’s goal as a One Stop Building Solution provider to the Maldives market.