Resort Life


Resort Life Maldives is a leading in-bound tour operator with 15 years of experience in the Maldivian tourism industry. With offices based in Ukraine, India & Russia, together with our head-office in Maldives, we strive to provide our regional partners with an effective and efficient service. Our service portfolio spans across all major hotel brands in Maldives and we pride in ensuring that our holiday makers enjoy the true Maldives. We have contracted with all major resort brands, local resort chains and hotels in the country. Our expertise in the Maldivian tourism industry comes from the relationship and trust built over a decade with the Maldivian hoteliers. We believe in working closely with our partners, the scope of our businesses enhances.

Maldives attracts a vast number of travelers from Russia, Europe, CIS, Asia and the Middle East and we are here to take pride on being the leading service provider catering to the markets. With the backing of our partners we have opened our doors to travelers coming in from different parts of the world. We have vested our resources and expertise promoting the Maldives as a brand. We are committed to create and add value to this brand at all times. In addition we also handle Charters from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Romania.