Salon Maldives

From the humble beginning as a small-scale salon to now 17 years later, an international standard juggernaut that we have managed to build our business into; Nada Salon pioneered the beauty care industry by introducing high-fashion hair, professional nail services and many firsts in the facial and beauty care industry in the Maldives. Today it is one of the biggest beauty and aesthetic salons in the country. Nada Clinic is a first-of-its-kind aesthetic and cosmetology clinic with a mission to offer the best of high-end beauty products, services, state-of-the-art machinery, technology and more from across the globe.

Combined Nada Salon and Nada Clinic are both visions realized through hard work, passion and dedication towards bringing exceptional services and pioneering the beauty care industry in the Maldives. Through Salon Maldives, we supply products for and support similar businesses within the beauty care industry including Spas, Salons and Resorts.


Our services span across three main components. Nada Salon; is our professional beauty and aesthetic services. Nada Clinic; our advanced aesthetics & cosmetology centre with boutique dermatology. Salon Maldives; linking the best of beauty and wellness brands across the globe, to our local clients. The full-service solution offered by Salon Maldives covers the entire process from product supplying and training support to 24/7 customer service.