Seagull Group

Seagull Group Pvt. Ltd was established in 1984 and has evolved over the past 30 years, diversifying and strengthening the product range with a unique level of service. A pioneer among importers in Maldives, trade, and agriculture are a few key sectors of our diversified group. 34 years of its establishment presents a proud team of diverse proficiency representing 7 retail outlets, 1 café and 1 island dedicated to local agriculture and fisheries produce. Relying on our experience and dependable team, we are constantly refining and perfecting our products and services in accordance with our aim to become the best in the country.

Two outlets of Seagull Marine (specializing in selling boats and marine related equipment), two outlets of Seagull Foods (retailing local and imported produce), Seagull Café, and three outlets of Sea Sports (retailing swimming, surf, and leisure apparel plus equipment). The company also owns and manages an agricultural and fisheries project, combined with a boatyard, on the island Maafahi. Additionally, Seagull Group owns an exclusive holiday resort in Ari Atoll, Diamonds Thudufushi, managed by a Swiss firm.