Senior Trading

Senior Trading was formed in 2013, to cater to the growing need for land transportation in the Maldives. Lotus Bike Shop, our subsidiary and community-appraised automobile distributor retails a wide range of products from bicycles to motorcycles and electric vehicles. Lotus Bike Shop is the Maldivian sole authorized distributor of some of the world’s most acclaimed automobile names, such as the renowned Italian brand, Benelli.

Our brand, Lotus Bike Shop provides after-sale service and spare parts for every product that’s available in the store. We import and retail automobiles ranging from scooters, and motorcycles to electric vehicles, that are fit for transportation and cargo transfer at the most affordable rate. We have also expanded our inventory to other components such as water pumps. We are amongst the few importers of Kids-ride on vehicles, specifically produced under the license of big names such as Mercedes-Benz